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[Subtitles] Random clips from 2010

"Zoom In" (9 Jan, 2010) Talented cast of "BANDAGE" movie
Length: 4 mins 16 secs   Size: 44 MB <-- Lovely quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin as LANDS
Highlights: There are shots of Jin being smiley and happy on the set of this movie and taking a leadership role in many ways. It also seems like the entire cast is extremely talented - although I couldn't help but laugh slightly at the thought of how uncool it seems to be a champion high school recorder player!! I didn't know anyone played them after elementary school!

"Cinemaga" (9 Jan, 2010) BANDAGE movie preview
Length: 2 mins 22 secs    Size: 16 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Making a girl choose between Jin & another rocker/actor sure would be tough!

"Sukkiri" (11 Jan, 2010) Interview with Jin & director
Length: 2 mins 6 secs   Size: 17 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Kobayashi Takeshi (director/music producer)
Highlights: Jin knows nothing! He doesn't even know about extremely famous people who work in the same industry as him! And it seems I now have someone to blame for making Jin's singing sound so bad over the last couple of months >.<

"Gout Temps Nouveau" (13 Jan, 2010) Jin's love talk
Length: 5 mins 50 secs   Size: 57 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin talks about going to America and it was interesting that he choose to say "I had to go to America" rather than "I wanted/chose to go to America." And he's still as clucky as ever.

"Mezanyu" (14 Jan, 2010) Jin is met by silence
Length: 1 min 14 secs   Size: 8 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin, other BANDAGE cast members
Highlights: Jin asks what everyone thinks and he it seems everyone went for the "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" approach!

"Zoom In" (14 Jan, 2010) Jin's idea of tradtional rock = A hat
Length: 1 min 14 secs   Size: 15 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Kitano Kii (actress)
Highlights: Kii keeps secrets from Jin. And Jin makes a very unsurprising statement about how he plans to live his life in 2010.

"Sukkiri" (15 Jan, 2010) Jin live in the studio
Length: 4 mins 49 secs   Size:  26 MB <-- Nice quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Kitano Kii (actress), Kobayashi Takeshi
Highlights: People from all generations would enjoy this movie. People from all generations would enjoy this movie. People from... How many times do they have to repeat themselves in this clip!?

"Miyaneya" (15 Jan, 2010) Osaka can't afford Jin live in the studio
Length: 4 mins 33 secs   Size:  MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Kitano Kii (actress), Kobayashi Takeshi
Highlights: I'm guessing that maybe this show is filmed in Osaka, as I can't think of any other reason why the cast didn't appear in the studio for this show like they did on every other show for that entire morning. I was surprised that Jin & Kii didn't seem to know that Bando Eiji has been doing the voice-over for the BANDAGE ads on TV.

"Omoikkiri Pon" (15 Jan, 2010) Jin & director interview
Length: 12 mins 9 secs    Size: 88 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Kobayashi Takeshi (music producer/director)
Highlights: Akanishi talks about what Johnny first said to him, his future dream and the special meaning of the number plate of his car in the "BANDAGE" movie. I was amused at how the director guy always looked so annoyed in the promotional interviews when the hosts kept saying how amazing Akanishi was for ad libbing so much of the movie. Nobody ever gave the director credit for much other than filming the concert scenes. LOL
* Hardsubbed version *

"Zoom In" (15 Jan, 2010) Making of BANDAGE jackets
Length: 2 mins 32 secs   Size: 19 MB <-- Nice quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Kitano Kii (actress), Kobayashi Takeshi (guy who never smiles)
Highlights: There's a teeny tiny clip of Mr-never-smiles trying to sound cameraman-like. Then the cast appear live on the show oustide - despite it being only 2 degrees where they were at that time!

"Cinemaga" (15 Jan, 2010) Backstage & cast interview of "BANDAGE"
Length: 22 mins 42 secs    Size: 112 MB <-- Nice quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: The cast all joke around and they help keep Jin's "slid / slide" joke going for a long time. It's nice to see Jin so bubbly and happy again - even if he did sort of worry the other actresses by being one of the "hooded musicians" when he first met them.
* Hardsubbed version *

"Cinemaholic" (17 Jan, 2010) "BANDAGE" cinema greetings
Length: 7 mins 56 secs    Size: 45 MB <-- Sound slightly out of sync
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin tries to get out of having to speak when he is lost for words in front of a crowd of movie watchers, but the MC lady tries to get him to talk more.

"Bokura no Jidai" (17 Jan, 2010) Jin & director & producer interview
Length: 24 mins 44 secs    Size: 136 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Kobayashi Takeshi (producer/director with lower tension than Jin when he's with K-T), Iwai Shunji (producer/director who seems lovely)
Highlights: This is a very "low tension" interview, so consider yourself warned. It's mostly the two old guys talking. Jin talks a bit about how he directed a parody film of "BANDAGE," his ideas about love and suddenly upping & leaving for LA.
* Hardsubbed version *

"Zoom In" (18 Jan, 2010) Jin's going worldwide
Length: 1 min 8 secs    Size: 37 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: To quote KAT-TUN: "Don't you wanna see it when we make it worldwide?" Well, it seems that Jin is going worldwide already and he's had drama offers from overseas even! Now if he can just get his fans to learn to throw things a little more accurately...

"Zoom In" (20 Jan, 2010) LANDS first & last concert ever
Length: 4 mins 6 secs    Size: 44 MB <-- Lovely quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin was in a VERY happy mood and having a great time teasing the fans with his adorable sense of humor. I still don't get how he can be chewing gum & singing at the same time though...

"Hanamaru Cafe" (22 Jan, 2010) Akanishi Jin as the guest
Length: 31 mins 58 secs    Size: 184 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin talks about his "Yay~!" family and his mom & dad's weird text messages. It seems that he may be able to speak more than just English & Japanese thanks to his friends (and probably his mother's influence too, since she seems into trying different languages out as well). Jin's asked about what his next hairstyle will be and what fans should do if they catch sight of him around town.
Softsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/?cuwjzoljymi
* Hardsubbed version *
Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z1I91MM8
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?qazojl0thwy

"Waratte Koraete!" (27 Jan, 2010) Hints about Akanishi Jin
Length: 7 mins 37 secs    Size: 63 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: People on the street say what their image of Jin is. One guy even openly admits that he wants Jin to hug him, making his friends look at him like he's crazy! Ha ha~ And there's a rather graphic display of why Jin isn't a fan of a certain drink *yuck!*

"News Zero Special - The world of the movie BANDAGE" (30 Jan, 2010)
Length: 39 mins 43 secs    Size: 240 MB <-- Sucky quality (I hate mpg raw files *grr!*)
Starring: Akanishi Jin
IMPORTANT WARNING: This show gives away every single plot twist and shows the most important scenes in full details, so don't watch it if you don't want the movie to be ruined for you!!
Highlights: This clip reminded me again of why I used to love Jin's singing so much - the very last part where he sang "Hatachi no Sensou" was so full of emotion. Jin's emotional singing has always been one of my pet loves. But I sure hope his slack work ethics catch up on him one day, because seeing how slack he was walking into the concert rehearsals - late & unfed & obviously having not prepared beforehand by listening to the CD - made me feel so sorry for the staff that have to work with him *sigh*
http://www.mediafire.com/?nwncjyztdmn <-- Fits 53 min 54 sec raw file
* Hardsubbed version *
Mediafire: Join 2 parts with HJsplit before watching

"Mezanyu" (10 Feb, 2010) Jin's self-composed concert
Length: 56 secs    Size: 15 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin takes the blame credit for all the lyrics in his Engrish English songs.

"Omoikkri Don!" (10 Feb, 2010) Jin's smexy concert
Length: 56 secs    Size: 14 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Apparently the audience weren't all that thrilled to watch Jin sex a girl up on stage.

"Wide Scramble" (10 Feb, 2010) Jin's magic, songs & dance
Length: 52 secs    Size: 5 MB <-- Bad quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin's fingers seem to be shaking as he does his addicted-to-nicotine magic trick.

"Zoom In" (10 Feb, 2010) Akanishi is Japan's Michael Jackson?!
Length: 1 min 43 secs    Size: 26 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: The King of Pop may be dead, but in Japan the King of Eggplants Jin is there to take his place.

"Real Time" (25 March, 2010) Jin & KT-TUN in America
Length: 1 min 41 secs    Size: 17 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Akanishi Jin is going to America. Oh yeah, and the other 5 (nameless) members are touring too. But it seems that KT-TUN may also be going to America - just not LA. (And according to a conversation I overheard at lunch yesterday, negotiations are going well and it's likely that KT-TUN will do 2 days of concerts at the rumored place this clip talks about at the end, but they're trying to arrange it for dates when Jin can join them so he can wow the audience with his Jinglish English speaking skills.)

"Mezamashi TV" (6 April, 2010) Rumor about Jin leaving KAT-TUN
Length: 44 secs    Size: 5 MB
Starring: KAT-TUN
Highlights: So it seems that one newspaper has reported their prediction as fact. Only time will tell if they guessed correctly or not...

"Zoom In" (21 June, 2010) Jin's LA concert
Length: 55 secs    Size: 2 MB <-- Poor quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin is doing well in America and setting his sights beyond Los Angeles.

"Yorucli" (27 June, 2010) You & Jin concerts
Length: 2 mins 11 secs    Size: 46 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Like, um, Jin's English, is like, um, so cute to, um, listen to!

"FCI Morning Eye" (2 July, 2010) Review of Jin in LA
Length: 4 mins 29 secs    Size: 86 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: The Japanese TV channel in Hollywood reports on the end of Jin's solo concerts in LA and his upcoming American concert tour. Jin talks about the differences between LA & Japanese audiences and what he thinks of LA. His pauses as he lists off the cities he'll be touring around is kind of cute!

"JFC" (22 July, 2010) Jin's American success
Length: 3 mins 18 secs
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Could someone please teach this boy how to string words together to make an understandable sentence in Japanese please!! His Japanese speaking ability is well below native level...!
Raw file:

Fancam of Nakamaru at Jin's solo concert (4 Aug, 2010) 
Length: 2 mins 59 secs   Size: 6 MB <-- Fancam quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Nakamaru Yuichi, mentions of Ueda Tatsuya
Highlights: Jin sings an EMINEM song as Nakamaru does the beatboxing, then they discuss Jin's inability to talk well in public.
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF   

"Mezamashi TV" (4 Oct, 2010) Jin's byebye fan meetings
Length: 1 min 35 secs   Size: 12 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin doesn't do a great job of answering questions from his fans.
Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JJOWBLG2

"Miyaneya" (4 Oct, 2010) Jin is happier without KT-TUN
Length: 8 mins 52 sec   Size: 162 MB <--  Excellent quality 
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: This clip shows a lot of Jin's press conference and him talking about going solo and KT-TUN. It's interesting how they mention how happy Jin seems to be now and how much he speaks now that he's not part of the group. 
Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PXBQVX4R

"Super Morning" (4 Oct, 2010) Jin speaks
Length: 1 min 18 secs   Size: 28 MB <--  Excellent quality 
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin talks about his plans for the future.
Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UAV63DID 

"Super News" (4 Oct, 2010) Jin talks about debut contract
Length: 39 secs   Size: 3 MB
Highlights: Jin struggles with speaking in Japanese.

"Super News" (4 Oct, 2010) How Jin can succeed abroad

Length: 5 mins   Size: 107 MB <--  Excellent quality 
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: This is a fascinating look at what experts in the industry say Jin's chances are of succeeding abroad and how he can try to increase his chances of making it overseas.
Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZLI6VBFT

"U-LA-LA" (4 Oct, 2010) Who Jin thanks
Length: 1 min 31 secs   Size: 31 MB <-- Excellent quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin is asked who he is grateful to and lists the people who accepted and supported his decision to go solo... with a long pause before saying the last name on the list.
Mediafire:  http://www.mediafire.com/?sm4t48e1uav8ejc 

"Wide Scramble" (4 Oct, 2010) Jin's one KT member friend
Length: 1 min 46 secs   Size: 44 MB <-- Excellent quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin mentions that there is only one KAT-TUN member he's kept in contact with so far.
Mediafire:   http://www.mediafire.com/?0zc9ekdi9yv0uec 

"Zoom In" (4 Oct, 2010) Jin talks about leaving KT-TUN
Length: 1 min 52 secs   Size: 17 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin speaks about the group he left and what he thinks they thought of him quitting the group.
Mediafire:  http://www.mediafire.com/?9h2sc9ss6cyg85h 

"Yorucli" (9 Oct, 2010) Jin's tour promotion
Length:1 min 36 secs   Size: 16 MB
Highlights: Introduces Jin's tour information.
Hardsubs:  MU   MF 

"Yorucli" (16 Oct, 2010) Jin's bye-bye concerts in Japan
Length: 1 min 38 secs   Size: 15 MB
Highlights: Footage of the 3 Oct, 2010 bye-bye event in Japan.
Hardsubs:  MU   MF 

"FCI" (30 Oct, 2010) Yellow Gold tour news
Length: 1 min  50 secs   Size: 10 MB
Highlights: Annoucement that Jin will begin his Yellow Gold 3010 tour.
HardsubsMU    MF  

"Yorucli" (13 Nov, 2010) Jin's tour gets to Houston
Length: 1 min 19 secs   Size: 8 MB
Highlights: Mr. Voice-over does a sexy voice to announce the tour dates & cities, while the announcer guy does Jin's robot dance.
Hardsubs:  MU   MF 

"JN" (19 Nov, 2010) Jin's message from USA
Length: 3 mins 19 secs   Size: 13 MB
Highlights: Jin is in the middle of his US tour and sends a message to his fans from his hotel room.
Hardsubs: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A69F2B7X or http://www.mediafire.com/?4uck3ad62fibw3h   

"Yorucli" (20 Nov, 2010) Jin's tour gets to LA
Length: 1 min 1 secs   Size: 4 MB
Highlights: Footage of the LA shows in the tour.
Hardsubs:   MU   MF 

"FCI" (23 Nov, 2010) Interview in NY about lyric writing
Length: 4 min 1 sec   Size: 19 MB
Highlights: Jin is interviewed about how he writes lyrics to his songs. There are also clips of his New York shows.
Hardsubs: MU   MF 

"Yorucli" (27 Nov, 2010) Jin talks about New York
Length: 5 min 41 secs   Size: 17 MB
Highlights: Jin is interviewed about the final New York concert of his Yellow Gold 3011 tour.
Hardsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/?9qec3jg9xczhe44 

"Zoom In" (10 Dec, 2010) Jin's contract conference
Length: 2 min 39 secs   Size: 48 MB
Highlights: Footage of Jin's conference where he announced his contract with record label Warner Music.
Hardsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/?yz3k97n4l9glnl2  

"Miyaneya" (10 Dec, 2010) Jin's press conference
Length: 3 mins 9 secs   Size: 49 MB  <-- Lovely quality
Highlights: Footage of Jin's press conference and discussion about his English ability.
Hardsubs:  MU   MF 

"U-LA-LA" (10 Dec, 2010) Jin's nervousness
Length: 1 min 54 secs   Size: 15 MB
Highlights: Jin fumbles over his words as usual when he tries to speak in Japanese.
Hardsubs:  MU   MF 

"Yorucli" (11 Dec, 2010) Jin's new contract
Length: 16 secs   Size: 2 MB
Highlights: Brief announcement that Jin has signed a new recording contract.
Hardsubs:  MU   MF  

"Don" (12 Dec, 2010) Jin speaks English
Length: 54 secs   Size: 20 MB
Highlights: Jin shows off the English that he's so good at.
Hardsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/?fcmty6l427hy345 

"Mezamashi" (29 Dec, 2010) Jin's movie wins an award
Length: 6 secs   Size: 2 MB
Highlights: Jin's fans win him an award (but has he fired his Johnnys-sparkly-feathery-outfits-stylist and not gotten himself a girlfriend to give him fashion advice either, because he turns up to accept the award in "I am a man. I own one outfit. It will be worn everywhere" clothing.)
Hardsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/?dqauf8r5ws7lk5v  

Softsubs folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?51fc4gfh2ld4d