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Random clips from 2011

"JN" (1 Jan, 2011) Jin's new year message
Length: 1 min   Size: 4 MB
Highlights: Jin gives his New Year greeting to his fans.
Hardsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/?tcnpcn3c21w1llp 

"Zoom In" (15 Jan, 2011) Jin's Japanese shows
Length: 2 mins 19 secs   Size: 32 MB
Highlights: Brief news reports about Jin's concerts in Japan and his first solo single release.
Hardsubs: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SNVTJ2DK or http://www.mediafire.com/?hoz169g61x0fd0g 

"Getsuichi" (17 Jan, 2011) Footage of Jin's concerts
Length: 5 mins 56 secs   Size: 24 MB
Highlights: Highlight footage is shown of just about every song that Jin performs in his Triumphant Return to Japan concerts.
Hardsubs: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3AF9ZX6R or http://www.mediafire.com/?yg1xivqpj2324bu 

"JFC" (Feb 2011) Jin contract footage
Length: 7 mins 49 secs   Size: 23 MB <-- Fuzzy audio
Highlights: Shots of the press conference with Jin & his new Warner Music company.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF 

"Mezamashi" (14 Feb, 2011) Jin with Jason
Length: 1 min 4 secs   Size: 9 MB
Highlights: Footage of Jin and Jason Derulo exchanging compliments
Hardsubbed versionhttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=KMGIZDE0  or http://www.mediafire.com/?k1c10omi235ypno

"U-LA-LA" (14 Feb, 2011) Jin talks about Jason
Length: 1 min 8 secs   Size: 12 MB
Highlights: Jin talks about his Jason and surprises.
Hardsubbed version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=47WTWKD5  or http://www.mediafire.com/?8nngzy975yg8bpc

"Zoom In" (14 Feb, 2011) Jin collaboration news
Length: 56 secs   Size: 10 MB
Highlights: Discussion of newspaper article about Jin's debut US song collaboration.
Hardsubbed version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4EQADA26  or  http://www.mediafire.com/?19vxvtx3o074c5y  

"Music Station" (18 Feb, 2011) Jin talk & medley
Length: 7 mins 4 secs   Size: 156 MB
Highlights: Jin talks about his first time on TV as a solo artist and performs "Yellow Gold" & "Eternal."
Hardsubbed version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H4CHZLVB  or  http://www.mediafire.com/?c8rdn6tfh79588c  

"JFC" (25 Feb, 2011) Jin promotes "Eternal"
Length: 1 min 26 secs   Size: 4 MB 
Highlights: Jin talks about his "Eternal" song and upcoming Yellow Gold DVD.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF 

"Mezamashi TV" (4 March, 2011) Jin with US boss in LA
Length: 1 min 1 secs   Size: 12 MB <-- Excellent quality
Highlights: Shots of Jin with-a-coffee-permanently-attached-to-his-hand while he chats with his American boss about the work he's completed for his upcoming album.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF 

"Zoom In" (6 March, 2011) "Eternal" is #1
Length: 1 min 5 secs   Size: 5 MB 
Highlights: Repeats same thing as other news clips about Jin's debut single.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF

"CD TV" (6 March, 2011) Preview of "Eternal"
Length: 36 secs   Size: 1 MB 
Highlights: Preview of music video for Jin's "Eternal" song.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or   MF    

"Mezamashi TV" (8 March, 2011) "Eternal" hits #1
Length: 56 secs   Size: 4 MB 
Highlights: The girl group AKB48 had been dominating the charts until Jin came along. 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF

"Mezanyu" (8 March, 2011) Meaning of "Eternal" 
Length: 56 secs   Size: 4 MB 
Highlights: They mention the meaning of the song "Eternal." 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF 

"Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke 8" (10 March, 2011) "Eternal" is week's #1
Length: 31 secs   Size: 1 MB <-- Nice quality
Highlights: Brief explanation of the meaning of Jin's "Eternal" song.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF 

"Yajiuma" (29 April, 2011) Message from Jin 
Length: 1 min 8 secs   Size: 5 MB 
Highlights: Jin talks about his movie and Yellow Gold DVD.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF 

 "JN" (29 Aug, 2011) Jin going to US

* Please do not share this clip. Thanks *
Length: 56 secs   Size: 1 MB 
Highlights: Jin has finished filming for his movie and is now off to get ready for his US debut.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF or  Multi    

 "TC" (16 Sept, 2011) Tackey & Jin chat 
* Please do not share this clip. Thanks *
Length: 12 mins 25 secs   Size: 69 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki, Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Tackey sits down for a chat with Jin. Unfortunately doctors have yet to work out a way to surgically remove the coffee that is always attached to Jin's hand these days, but Tackey manages to miraculously make Jin's sunglasses disappear! Thank you, Tackey!
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF or  Multi    
 "TC" (30 Sept, 2011) Free talk between Tackey & Akanishi Jin - Part 2
* Please do not share this clip. Thanks *
Length: 9 mins 44 secs   Size: 55 MB 
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki, Akanishi Jin, A.B.C-Z
HighlightsWhere did the coffee from the last episode disappear to?! Jin talks about his friends in Johnny's and his favorite motto for when he feels like giving up. I also included the A.B.C-Z part where they promote their upcoming concert.
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF or  Multi    

 "ZIP!" (10 Oct, 2011) Jin's 1st US single release date
Length: 1 min 13 secs   Size: 14 MB <-- Nice quality considering it's ripped from utube!
Highlights: There are shots of Jin in the recording studio and singing a couple of lines of his 1st US single. 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF or  Multi    

  "Kyoukan TV" (19 Oct, 2011) Jin's debut preview discussion 
Length: 6 mins 26 secs   Size: 42 MB <- Low quality 
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Jason Derulo
Highlights: There's a short clip of Jin & Jason recording and giving an interview. Then the show discusses Jin's Hollywood movie, audition, singing voice and upcoming albums & singles in Japan & USA. 
Hardsubbed version: MU  or  MF   

 "Tokudane" (10 Nov, 2011) Jin #1 on dance chart 
Length: 1 min 54 secs   Size: 34 MB <-- Someone videoed their TV?!
Highlights: Short clip showing Jin being told he'd reached #1 on iTunes.
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF   
 "U-LA-LA" (11 Nov, 2011) Jin's "TEST DRIVE" release event 
Length: 1 min 4 secs   Size: 8 MB <-- Poor quality
Highlights: Brief footage of Jin's LA debut release fan event.
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF   
 "U-LA-LA" (22 Nov, 2011) Jin's upcoming Jan activities 
Length: 56 secs   Size: 6 MB <-- Poor quality
Highlights: Brief info about Jin's "SEASONS" single and January 2012 fan event in Japan.
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF   
 "Kyoukan TV" (23 Nov, 2011) Jin's latest activities  * recommended *
Length: 3 mins 57 secs   Size: 18 MB <-- Poor quality
Highlights: A Jin fan-girl-reporter shows footage of Jin's LA debut release event and his Japanese language interview afterward.
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF    
 "Mezamashi" (9 Dec, 2011) "SEASONS" music video preview 
Length: 34 secs   Size: 5 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF   
 "Nsuta" (9 Dec, 2011) "SEASONS" music video preview 
Length: 47 secs   Size: 3 MB <-- Small but clear 
Highlights: Jin loves being a papa.
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF   
 "Oha4" (9 Dec, 2011) "SEASONS" music video preview 
Length: 58 secs   Size: 13 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Highlights: Jin's onscreen daughter loves messing around with him.
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF     
 "Mezanyu" (13 Dec, 2011) "TEST DRIVE" hits #1 in Japan 
Length: 38 secs   Size: 13 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Hardsubbed versionMU  or  MF     

Folder of softsubswww.mediafire.com/?51fc4gfh2ld4d   


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