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[2 clips] 11 Feb 2012 Meisa's granny confirms pregnancy & Jin leaves Japan

 "Super News" (11 Feb, 2012) Meisa's granny confirms pregnancy 
Length: 6 mins 37 secs   Size: 36 MB <-- Reasonable quality
About: Akanishi Jin, Kuroki Meisa
Highlights: Reporters get Meisa's granny, uncle & aunt to talk about Meisa's relationship with Jin. An entertainment reporter explains the correct protocol for entertainer's announcing their marriage and why financially and contractually telling your management agency beforehand it the responsible thing to do. 
Hardsubbed version: MF or  ifile     
 "Jouhou 7 days" (11 Feb, 2012) Jin leaves for LA  
Length: 43 secs   Size: 10 MB <-- Low quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin
Highlights: Jin smiles while reporters fire questions at him at the airport. 
Hardsubbed version: MF or  ifile