a_page ([personal profile] a_page) wrote2012-05-26 03:27 pm

JAPONICANA album DVD & bonus footage (March 2012)

 DVD with Akanishi Jin's Japonicana album (March 2012) 
Length: 33 mins 379 secs   Size: 267 MB <-- Reasonable quality
Starring: Akanishi Jin 
Highlights: Making of "Sun Burns Down" music video (times two!) and the entire of the youtube Jin Akanishi: The Takeover series.
Hardsubbed version: MF 001 + 002  or  JumboFiles    
Bonus mobile phone footage with Akanishi Jin's Japonicana album (March 2012
Length: 4 mins    Size: 27 MB <-- Ripped from youtube & subs placed overtop of other subs
Starring: Akanishi Jin 
Highlights: Jin talks utter trash.
Hardsubbed version: MF  or  JumboFiles